200 Count Wine Glass Tags Wine Tags For Glasses Wine Glass Labels Paper Wine Glass Name Tags For Drinks Stemware Identification Drinking Glass Tags by Home Affinity  (Small & Large 100 ea. combo)

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These wine glass tags are great family gatherings, intimate dinners or large parties.

Choose these paper wine tags for glasses to avoid confusing your guests - most people forget they are the golden pineapple charm but won't forget their name!

Our wine tags for glasses are sturdy enough to last all evening but inexpensive enough to recycle without a second thought.

Choose the combination of sizes that best fits your needs. Unsure which tags will work best for you, choose the combo pack and decide after they're in your hands.

  • Simplify your next party by using these paper wine tags for glasses. No need to collect these paper charms at the end of the night.

  • Use these wine glass identification tags for your next wine tasting event.

  • Many everyday uses can be found beyond the standard name tags for glasses.

  • Customize this wine glass name tag as you choose, perfect for bridal showers and many other social events and a great starting point for custom decorations.

  • Combo pack of 100 wine glass tags 2¾ inches round with ¾ inch center cutout and 100 2 inch round wine glass tags with ¾ inch offset cutout available as well as 200 packs of either small or large sizes.
Small 2 in. offset cutout SKU: HAWID2009-01-W-S UPC: 0792834844546